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Amnesia Curacao produces innovative music festivals enhanced with spectacular stage and lighting design, dance and theatrical shows and world-class artists, creating extraordinary experiences for all their guests. Amnesia Curacao was founded on the 1st of December 2008 with focus on the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, uniting thousands of people all with the same purpose of love and peace through the art of music.



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Worldcup quarter finals will be broadcasted LIVE on our Main Stage

  • By Amnesia Curacao
  • Published July 1, 2014
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This Saturday on the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST Screen of Curacao! NETHERLANDS vs COSTA RICA will be broadcasted LIVE at 4PM on our Main Stage


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Hotel Packages now available!

  • By Amnesia Curacao
  • Published June 24, 2014
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Amnesia Music Festival

End the perfect day with a night at the Curacao Marriott Beach Resort!

Amnesia Music Festival will feature 4 state of the art stages

  • By Amnesia Curacao
  • Published June 15, 2014
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news_fxEach year, the founders of Amnesia Curacao successfully create unique events that surpass the previous years in every aspect imaginable. And this year after a complete brand re-structuring, the founders of Amnesia Curacao have decided to bring to you an experience like no other…

We are proud to introduce to you the first ever Amnesia Music Festival!

Bigger and better than its predecessor AMF 2014 will feature all the perks of before and much more. Taking place on Saturday, July 5th at Parassasa Beach, the festival kicks off at 12 p.m. noon and will continue until mid night.

With over 50 artists and performances anticipated, Amnesia Music Festival will feature 4 state of the art stages focusing on different genres of music: EDM, Urban, Reggae, Latin and Techno.

This year Amnesia Curacao is focusing on its interaction with attendees, without which this experience will be incomplete. Alongside various activities throughout the day, we aim to take our guests…you, on a journey like no other. Your joie de vivre with our carefully orchestrated backdrop is the perfect synthesis to take the Amnesia Music Festival journey to indescribable levels. A journey where music, art and dance will unite our spirits and soar together into a state of absolute nirvana….

Love. Respect. Dance.

Amnesia Curacao Announces the Inauguration of Amnesia Music Festival 2014

  • By Amnesia Curacao
  • Published June 15, 2014
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logo_footerAmnesia Curacao proudly presents Amnesia Music Festival, the successor to Amnesia Beach Festival.

With its fourth year running, Amnesia Beach Festival is a staple in music festivals within the Caribbean. Amnesia Music Festival, a bigger and better experience than its antecedent, will be held on Saturday, July 5th at a surprise location.

The venue, which will be revealed to guests closer to date, is 6 times bigger than before and will become the proud home of Amnesia for the coming years.

Amnesia Beach Festival has been successfully attracting music lovers from all over the world for the past 4 years. This year like every other year, the masterminds of Amnesia Curacao decided to take it up a notch. The product of re-structuring and re-branding is none other than Amnesia Music Festival. Whilst staying true to their essence of providing state of the art production, extravagant entertainment, a wide variety of food and beverages but most importantly, music that will have you dancing for hours on end, Amnesia Music Festival promises all the perks of the previous years and more. The transformation of Amnesia Beach Festival to Amnesia Music Festival is one that their devoted fan base will be sure to appreciate.

Amnesia Curacao aims to create a uniquely exuberant experience through the collective energy and positive vibes. Amnesia Music Festival 2014, the first of its kind will be a 12 hour non-stop party promising a little something for everyone; featuring 4 stages each playing a different genre of music: EDM, urban, reggae, techno house and Latin. Alongside the best DJs, many local and international artists and bands will be performing. With Curacao being the home and the perfect backdrop of Amnesia, the existing ambiance of the beautiful island, with its palm trees and salty ocean breeze, catalyzes the creation of something truly different; a place free of judgment where you can wear whatever you want, dance however you feel and walk away with a piece of the world we have created together.

Love. Respect. Dance

A journey, a celebration…

…To mark an unforgettable summer

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Love. Respect. Dance.